Who is the Sheriff

The Sheriff is an unbiased official of the Court performing a duty in the interests of justice to all parties. The Sheriff is willing to help with explaining the legal process and what you should do next but cannot give you legal advice.

What does the Sheriff do

The Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff must serve or execute all documents issued by our courts. These include summonses, notices, warrants and court orders.

Who regulates the Sheriff's actions

The South African Board for Sheriffs monitors the service of Sheriffs and their Deputies, ensuring it is executed in a humane manner in terms of the Code of Conduct for Sheriffs. Sheriffs operate independently from each other - in fact, they are private business people.

What type of cases involve the Sheriff

The role of the Sheriff is required when there are civil judgements against people who have failed to pay their accounts, their rent or municipal services and maintenance. They also serve documents in divorce and family violence matters.

What area does the Sheriff cover

Sheriffs are appointed to act within a specific magisterial district or an area within a district.

How do you know if the person knocking on your door is really a Sheriff

All Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs must carry a valid Identification Card issued by the South African Board for Sheriffs while on duty and must be able to produce it on request.